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 Mission Statement

 American Entrepreneur Association (AEA) is a non-profit organization established on 06-06-2005 in San Francisco, California with a common view to achieve the following goals:

      to facilitate the inter-socialization among entrepreneurs and proprietors in the industrial and commercial sectors

      to support members in the exchange of their experience and knowledge in the areas of the trades and professions of their expertise

      to connect with similar entrepreneurial associations worldwide for the liaison and confluence of activities, especially those in China.

      to provide information services related to the entrepreneurial fields

      to promote social developments in local and foreign communities


  • 美國企業家聯誼會為非牟利機構,

  • 其目的是為工商企業界人士聯繫友情、交流貿易經驗、互通業務心得、切磋專業知識、提供資訊服務、

  • 與國內外同業協會聯繫交流活動,

  • 積極參加各項社區公益活動,為社區謀求褔利進展。

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